Multicultural Responsiveness in the Modern Classroom

EDZU 9807 (3 credits / 45 hours)

Location: Online
Instructor: Jessica Janowsky

Start Date: 04/06/2022
End Date: 05/10/2022

Course Syllabus

As educators it is our responsibility to help all students learn to become independent, conscientious adults that can problem solve and function well in society. In this course we will learn how racism historically and presently exists within the American educational system. We will also become familiar with other subcultures within our society that often feel unsafe or disconnected from their teachers, the school system, and even their peers. We will discover how oppression affects a learner’s mental health. We will be bringing awareness to our own thoughts and behavioral habits that may contribute to inequitable experiences for the students that we service. Finally, we will access tools and resources, especially within the context of Social Emotional Learning, that can support us in being better, more conscious educators. These resources will help us promote equitable instruction and experiences in culturally diverse ways to ensure all our students have the chance to grow into their full potential



Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  • Vocabulary associated with multicultural responsiveness, bias, racism, stereotyping, and prejudice 
  • What “Tools of Whiteness” are and how they promote oppression of diverse cultures 
  • How to distinguish between practices that are equal and equitable for all people  




  • Your personal implicit biases and how to best move past them to promote equity while working with students 
  • How racism has become part of the educational system through historical normative practices and policy 
  • How mental health is affected when people experience habitual racism, oppressions, and bias. 



and Be Able To

  • Identify and be mindful of insensitive curriculum and educational systematic practices that include explicit or implicit biases  
  • Implement strategies that support all students, being sensitive to their diverse cultures    

and much, much more!

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