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After completing a course for professional development graduate credit, PLEASE do not order an Official Transcript prior to receiving two emails from Brandman University. The first email will include a username and student ID for an account in Brandman's system. Your will have to activate this account, if it is the first time your account was created. If you order an official transcript before your grade has been posted from Brandman University, this will result in a "hold" on your transcript. An Official Transcript can be ordered only after you receive the second e-mail that states your grade for that particular class has been posted. Usually it takes approximately one - two weeks after the end date of the course for your grade to be posted. Please review your unofficial transcript to be certain it is complete before ordering your official transcript. Brandman's transcripts are cumulative.

Transcript FAQ's


How do I get a Brandman University username and password?

If you registered online for a Brandman University professional development graduate course through NYCTD, the Brandman system automatically creates your username and password during the registration process. Approximately a week after the class ends you will receive an email from the Brandman IT department containing your username and directing you to Activate Your Account.

Please visit, click "Activate My Account (New Users Only)," and follow the step-by-step instructions to activate your account. Click "Resend my Account Information Letter" if you never received your Brandman credentials. If you have continued difficulty activating or retrieving your username and password, please contact our office at

When will I know that my grade is posted?

An email notification will be sent when your grades are posted. Students may also check for grades through MyBrandman using your Brandman student username and password (if this is not your first p.d. graduate class and you already have an account).

How do I order a transcript?

Please verify that all grades and credits are posted to your student record prior to ordering official transcripts.

  • Using your Brandman University student account, log in to MyBrandman and click on the "Self-Service" icon in the Quick Links area in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Log in to the secure site and click on the Student tab.
  • To view your grades, click on Student Records, then View your Academic Transcript.
  • Select "All Levels" and "Brandman University Unofficial" and click submit.
  • Verify that all grades and credit hours have been processed before ordering an official transcript.

For detailed instructions, please download the transcript information guide.

Will my district or state accept Brandman University Credit?

It is the responsibility of the individual participant to verify with his/her district or state prior to enrollment whether Brandman credit will be acceptable or not. State licensing departments vary regarding their criteria for credit acceptance, and some states may not accept credit from universities that are located outside the state.

What kind of credit does Brandman University Extended Education provide?

Participants receive graduate-level professional development credit. These are professional development units that are typically not part of a degree program but instead are primarily used for professional advancement purposes such as salary increment steps and re-certification. However, this credit may be applied toward a degree program at the discretion of the accepting institution.

How many hours does one credit represent?

Each credit represents 15 hours of work.

Is a graduate-level professional development credit accepted in a Brandman University degree program and will it transfer to a degree program (Master"s) at another university?

The professional development credits that we offer are not part of any degree program at Brandman University. However, decisions about transferring to another university are solely at the discretion of that university. Students are advised to seek approval of appropriate officials before enrolling in these courses, to satisfy any degree, state credential or local school district requirements.

What is the equivalent of one semester credit in quarter credits?

One semester credit equals 1.5 quarter credits.

How do I get more information?

Send us questions and comments by visiting:

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