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Meaningful Assessments and Data Use: How to select the type and format of informal assessments within a lesson or unit to determine student’s readiness level.  

Blended Learning Models: What are the blended learning models out there, what is blended learning and why is it being used in classrooms.

Student Choice and Autonomy: The research and motivation supporting instructional planning where students are the decision makers in a classroom.

Technology Resources: Engaging programs, tools, and resources to support a student centric model of teaching.  Some themes include virtual field trips, gamifying your classroom, and technology to support classroom management, each having resources for K-12.




How to use meaningful and intentional pre and post assessments in order to increase differentiation and provide immediate intervention to each student.

Blended Learning phases and examples of models that can be used in K-12 classrooms.

Viewing of models and examples of choice boards, planners, checklists, and how to differentiate them based on grade level and content area. Reflect on how they can be set up and differentiated from class to class or teacher to teacher.  

How resources selected can be differentiated to best fit individual student needs and help engage and/or motivate students to learn.


and Be Able To

Reflect on your own assessment practices and what is being and what is not being used from that data.  Share examples and how this can be used to drive a more student centric classroom.

Discuss what blended learning model and phase(s) can be implemented into your classroom and what that would look like by creating practical blended learning resources for your current position.

Participants will create their own models and choice boards to utilize in their classroom(s).  

Exploration of resources that apply to each participant’s student population.  Decide what can be used or modified for practical use. Discuss feedback and make modifications.

and much, much more!

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